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When you want higher ground speeds, longer wear life, less crop shatter, reduced breakage and lower maintenance, place your bets on the Crary Air Head system. The Crary Air Head, with widths up to 36 feet, combines field-proven products, including the Crary Air System, Crary Air Reel, and Crary Gold’N Cut cutting system, that work together to provide you with the the highest yields possible. With dual fan drives, a constant stream of high velocity air gently feeds crop back to the auger, eliminating crop bunching and crop profits from dribbling off the front of the platform.
A perforated screen allows air to escape with less dust and provides better visibility. Adjustable auger feed paddles are more durable and require less maintenance than retractable fingers. Its flexible head allows the combine to follow the contour of the ground for higher productivity. The header can also be locked in a rigid position. Don't take chances with controlling crop loss. Invest your business in Crary.

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