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Air Reel
It's Time To Get Serious
About Crop Loss

Whatever combine you work with-whatever standing small grain or bean crop you're harvesting-the addition of a Crary Finger Air Reel will add bushels to the hopper ... whatever the conditions. A constant stream of high velocity air gently feeds crop back to the auger, eliminating crop bunching and crop profits dribbling off the front of the platform.

It's time to get serious about crop loss

Patented*, field-proven and farmer- tested, the Crary Finger Air Reel has earned the accolades of everyone who has experienced the increased yields, faster ground speeds and additional harvest control available ONLY with the Air Reel.

A specialized air manifold, perfected over years of research and development in a variety of standing crops, firmly pushes the crop off the cutterbar, over the platform and into the auger. By eliminating the uneven feed characteristics associated with most reels, the Finger Air Reel helps you get top performance from your combine. At the same time, this reel is more gentle on fragile crops, reducing shatter and boosting premium dollars.

Faster Ground Speeds
Most owners and operators of Crary Finger Air Reels report higher ground speeds due to the fact that they no longer have to wait for bunched-up crop to clear the platform. With faster ground speeds come higher profits and reduced fuel expense.

Bigger Harvests for Less Shattering Bean harvests across the nation have gone without a hitch since farmers have started using Finger Air Reels for bigger harvests and less shattering.

A Variety Of Crops
Types of crop and condition of crop are not a concern for Air Reel owners - many report that they can move between fields while making no adjustments with their header.
See your Crary dealer today for more information on the Finger Air Reel.

Heavy Duty Gear Box The heavy duty gear box, equipped with PTO drive and slip clutch, is standard equipment on all Finger Air Reels, assuring owners trouble-free harvests.
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